ISEA2015 | Open Call

transmission+interference will be presented at this years (2015) ISEA Conference ‘DISRUPTION’ in Vancouver, Canada.
This is an Open Call for participants to take part in the 2-day workshop to build devices for making sound with light and develop new ideas in this field of practice.
Name: transmission+interference
The workshop takes place on the following days / times and is split into 4 parts:
Friday 14/08/15
Part 1: 9am -> 1pm [incl. 30 min coffee break 11am -> 11.30am]
Lunch: 1pm -> 2pm
Part 2: 2pm -> 5.30pm [incl. 30 min coffee break 3.30pm -> 4pm]
Saturday 15/08/15
Part 3: 9am -> 1pm [incl. 30 min coffee break 11am -> 11.30am]
Lunch: 1pm -> 2pm
Part 4: 2pm -> 5.30pm [incl. 30 min coffee break 3.30pm -> 4pm]
Location: TBC
To take part in this workshop contact David Strang  directly via email:
David Strang is an artist who works with sound and interactive elements. His work looks closely at the natural surroundings we live in and amplifies certain aspects to heighten our perception of space/place. Recent work includes site-specific installation, performance, field-recording, networks, re-appropriating media objects, hacking and noise. David works across multiple disciplines, such as architecture and sciences, exploring data to create artistic outputs.
As part of his practice David runs various experimental workshops exploring aspects of sonic arts/hacking/sensors in a multi strand collaborative framework. These workshops are aimed at the transfer of knowledge throughout the group to create an artwork/performance/object in a few days.
He has collaborated and exhibited with artists and scientists as well as exhibiting solo work in the UK, Europe, Iceland, Russia, Canada and USA. He currently lives and works in the UK and is a PhD candidate in Performing Arts at Plymouth University.
Workshop Description
This ‘transmission+interference’ workshop is a 2-day event where participants will explore the transmission, interference and playful aspects of sound through various uses of light. Participants will build a device that transmits sound within light and explore the various ways to interfere with signal the generate new sound / rhythm. You will also get to explore previously built / hacked / appropriated devices with which to develop new sound and light instruments with the aim of a group performance involving all of the participants of the workshop. This can / may include the use of motors, mirrors, laser pointers, elastic bands etc…
The workshop will include soldering and the use of various bits of electronics (integrated circuits and Arduino) and is open to beginners and skilled users. In addition to these skills we will encourage discourse around the ideas of live performance, improvisation and experimental music.
You can find out more about the transmission+interference project here.