DIWO, DIT, ???

February 2, 2013

While we enjoy the two men collaboration and see that this way we can gain and harvest more ‘potential’ that engaging with the project alone we feel that in today’s complexity we should even open up further. Transmission+Interference aims to be open for and to influence. We aim to not only do it ourselves (D.I.Y) but try engage others by explaining our ideas and the used technologies and always asking for feedback. Thus to do it together (DIT) or to keep on doing it with others (DIWO).

Our friends from Furtherfield have just written up a in depth discusssion on DIWO. To quote a bit out of it:

Many contemporary artists who take the networks of the digital information age as their medium, work directly with the hardware, algorithms and databases of digital networks themselves and the systems of power that engage them. Inspired by network metaphors and processes, they also craft new forms of intervention, collaboration, participation and interaction (between human and other living beings, systems and machines) in the development of the meaning and aesthetics of their work. This develops in them a sensitivity or alertness to the diverse, world-forming properties of the art-tech imaginary: material, social and political. By sharing their processes and tools with artists, and audiences alike they hack and reclaim the contexts in which culture is created.

You can find the full article here: http://www.furtherfield.org/features/articles/diwo-do-it-others-%E2%80%93-no-ecology-without-social-ecology

Nevertheless, DIWO is not only a media arts niche practice. There are many others to discuss and practice it. E.g.: