Transmit Sound via Light

May 12, 2010

One of our basic building blocks is the sound via light transmitter. It is by far not our development we only have taken other peoples ideas. But we would like to summarize and give you a how to here:

First of all watch this short video showing a build device

We believe it is based on the following instructions: on which we will base our tutorial too. You’ll have to build a sending and a receiving unit to have a complete set.






Transmitter: You can replace the laser pointer diode with a common LED. This will give you a bright and visible light cone that still transmits the sound.

Receiver: You can replace the LDR with a small solar panel (e.g. Monocrystalline Nominal voltage 4V, Nominal current 35 mA) and leave out the 1.5v battery. In other words just a solar cell and a audio jack are enough to receive the signal (you might want to use a mixing board though).

How To – Step by Step Tutorial

For our last workshop we have compiled a step by step how to. Which you can download here as a Transmitter Receiver Step by Step Tutorial